Demolition. A new Start.

Pollutants. Emissions. Concepts.

Old industrial installations, dormant commercial and industrial sites, residential high rises from the 1960s and office buildings from the early 1970’s, which are no longer adequate for meeting today´s demands. First and foremost, our task is to compile lists of hazardous building substances and contaminants used in the construction. Consequentially we will design a progressive and appropriate process in dealing with hazardous building materials. At the same time, we will plan the dismantling and demolition while respecting industrial safety and emission control requirements: from the dismantling and demolition concept to licensing and execution planning right through to obtaining the necessary permits. For the tender of the designed measures we will prepare an agenda of services and support to the client throughout the allocation process with a team of specialists. We will manage waste disposal and tend to the organisational challenges of management and supervision of the dismantling and demolition work. These services are provided as a fixed price from a general contractor.