Our history

Without roots, there will be no growth. Our roots go back to 1948 when we developed our core capabilities, which have enabled us to manage the diverse projects of our clients successfully.
70 years Part 1

HPC AG celebrates its 70th birthday in 2018.

2018 70 years Part 2

The automobile manufacturer Porsche, famous for its sports cars, is also celebrating its 70th anniversary.

Focusing in Eastern Europe

HPC is reorganizing its international activities, divesting its affiliates in Bulgaria, Romania and Greece, while strengthening its Polish operations with the acquisition of POLGEOL S.A. with about 50 employees. After that, the name changes to HPC POLGEOL S.A.

2017 Most expensive transfer of football history

The Brazilian Neymar jr. from Barcelona changes to Paris Saint-Germain for 222 million euros.

Foundation of a new subsidiary

HPC wants to expand its international business and brings together activities in HPC International SAS. 

2016 The Elbphilharmonie is finished

The concert hall is a new landmark for the city of Hamburg and a "cultural monument for all".

Expansion in Bulgaria

The HPC Bulgaria is expanding. With effect from 01.01.2015 the Bulgarian engineering Company INS project has been acquired to strengthen our services around water management.

2015 25th times German Champion

Jubilee title for FCB - Bayern Munich: The German record champion is the 25th time the best football team of Germany.

Qualification through Extension

HPC takes over DIERING (Environmental Engineering Ltd, Aachen), one of Europe´s leading sewage-treatment facilities.

2014 Big Data

Edward Snowden has been declared one of the winners of the Swedish Human Rights Award for his disclosures of top secret government surveillance programs.

Growth in Hamburg and Kosovo

HPC takes over the engineering company HanseGeoTec, Hamburg.

HPC takes over the Environmental Protection Company Dr.-Ing. Heinrich, Hamburg.

HPC opens an office in Kosovo to strengthen its activities in the Balkan countries.

2013 The Vatican

Pope Benedict XVI is the first sitting pope in more than 700 years to resign in office.

Addition in N├╝mbrecht

HPC takes over the engineering company Dr. Feldmann, Nümbrecht.

2012 The Austrian Skydiver

Felix Baumgartner jumps to earth from a helium balloon in the stratosphere, setting the altitude record for a manned balloon flight.


Our new Name

Renaming of the former HPC HARRESS PICKEL Consult AG to HPC AG.

HPC takes over the engineering company Beckel Ltd. in Übersee (Lake Chiemsee).

2011 Compulsory Military Service

After more than fifty years, Germany suspends the compulsory military service and the community service as alternative.

Blazing Trails in Italy

HPC reopens its Italian branch office.

2010 iPad

Apple introduces the first iPad and captures the global market for tablets.

Successful Fusion

HPC and the engineering company Dr. Eisele merge.

2008 44th President of the United States

Barrack Obama wins the election in November 2008 and is elected the first African-American President of the United States.

Extension to Neighbourhood

HPC Polska and HPC Austria are founded.

2006 The 18th World Cup Soccer

Tournament takes place in Germany.

Integration of Fresenius

HPC takes over the Fresenius Engineering Consultancy Ltd.

2003 Walt Disney

The Walt Disney Concert Hall, designed and built by Frank Gehry, opens its doors.

Big Steps

HPC Holding AG, not listed on the stock exchange, takes over all shares of HPC HARRESS PICKEL CONSULT Ltd. from former associate RWE AG.

Both enterprises merge and the HPC HARRESS PICKEL CONSULT AG is founded.

2001 iPod

Apple introduces the first iPod to the market. A revolution in the music industry begins.

International Growth

HPC branch offices in Tel Aviv (Israel) and Sofia (Bulgaria) are founded.

2000 USB Data Stick

Dov Moran, inventor, engineer and businessman from Israel introduces the first USB data stick with his enterprise M-Systems.

Following blazing Trails

Innolab leaves HPC (via MBO).

HPC takes over GHU (Association for Hydro Geology and Environmental Protection Ltd.)

1997 Harry Potter

Joanne K. Rowling publishes the first sequel of her Harry Potter novels: Harry Potter and the Philosopher´s Stone.

Next Steps

SAN and HUT Environmental Engineering Ltd. merge to HANIEL Environmental Engineering Ltd.

Foundation of the Italian branch office in Milan.

1995 PlayStation

SONY introduces its PlayStation in Europe and the United States and it moves up to most successful game console ever.

Rapid Growth

HPC takes over HUT Environmental Engineering Ltd., Walldorf.

Foundation of the Spanish branch office in Bilbao.

Hive down of laboratory work into INNOLAB Ltd.

1994 Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher wins the Formula 1 World Championship for the first time as part of the Benetton Formula 1 Team.

Expansion in Europe

Foundation of HPC Envirotec S.A.S. in Maisons-Alfort, France.

1991 BBC

The British Broadcasting Corporation BBC opens up the BBC World News program.

Big Changes

Haniel Environmental Protection Ltd. is 100 % parent company.

The two enterprises Pickel and Harress merge to HPC HARRESS PICKEL CONSULT Ltd.

Founding of the Merseburg branch office.

Founding of SAN (Redevelopment for Environment)

1990 World Champion

The West German Football Team wins the 1990 World Cup and is champion for the third time.

Further Expansions

HANIEL Environment Protection Ltd. takes over 50 %.

Foundation of the first branch offices in Duisburg, Berlin and Frankfurt.

1986 World Premiere

London sees the first staging of the musical “Phantom of the Opera”.

First Takeover

The “Office Dr. Mueller” is taken over by Dr. Harress, Dr. Hurler and is subsequently renamed Geotechnical Firm Dr. Harress & Dr. Hurler.

1980 Zero Hour

Microsoft develops the operating system MS-DOS for personal computers.

Our Firm in Worms

The Geotechnical Firm “Dr Harress & Dr. Hurler” is founded in the city of Worms.

1973 Airbag

Mercedes Benz is the first German car manufacturer to install airbags.

First Steps in Harburg and Kassel

The firms Dr. Mueller in Harburg and Dr. Pickel in Kassel are being founded.

1948 Spiegel Verlag

Publishing the first edition of “Der Spiegel”.




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