Groundwater Extraction

Analyse. Develop. Secure.

Non-potable water, drinking water, mineral water and curative water – water extraction differs according to your requirements. Drinking water, mineral water and curative water must conform to much higher quality standards than non-potable water. With site surveys, planning and monitoring of the construction of wells and pipelines we provide a flawless delivery of quality to the consumer. With innovative geo-hydraulics, groundwater modelling and resource management methods, we create the conditions for legal protection and long-term usability of groundwater resources.


  • Groundwater exploration and extraction
  • Planning and supervision of the construction and rehabilitation of wells, manholes, pipelines and elevated tanks
  • Ensuring groundwater protection
  • Ensuring legal protection for the groundwater extraction
  • Utilising information systems and carrying out of monitoring

Our Services

  • Geological, hydrogeological and hydro-chemical site analysis
  • Due diligence compliance
  • Drafting of development reports
  • Drafting of remediation reports
  • Construction planning, site management and local construction supervision
  • Applications ensuring compliance with water resources acts, provincial water laws, mineral and bottled water regulations, environmental sustainability, medicinal products acts, and federal mining acts
  • Nature conservation area reports
  • Surveying
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • GIS-based groundwater management and annual reports

Your Benefits

  • Highly experienced geologists, hydrogeologists and engineers domestically and abroad
  • Verified statements arising from execution of precise procedures
  • Well-networked interdisciplinary team of experienced experts

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